Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer's Over!

Here are two Amis that I made last month for swaps, and DD modeling a shawl I made for a shawl swap. The shawl is from my own pattern. Both amigurumi patterns are from Gourmet Crochet pattern books, and were pretty easy to make.

Summer is over for the kids here, school starts tomorrow. DD is going into the 7th grade and very much into her "Look". I think she tried on 30-40 pairs of blue jeans on Saturday when we went school shopping and only wound up with 2 pair of Jeans and one pair of jean capris!

I permed her hair yesterday. She's been begging me for 2 years. I finally broke down and did it for her LOL. It's really cute.

Lots of swaps this month, and I am beginning to host swaps on swap-bot. It's really nice there so far and I love the people there!


Laurie Ann said...

Hi! Love your animals. My friend Ellen would die for all the granny squares you posted. They are the building blocks of fashion as far as she's concerned.

MirandaAck!!! said...

wOW, your work is great! I love that little turtle. And your daughter is too cute as your model!
Mirandack from Swap-Bot