Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Victor's birthday

I finished this blanket late last night. It is for my nephew's birthday, which is today! Talk about cutting it close. Used 2 yards of Tony Stewart Polar Fleece and RH WW Orange & Black. I think I used a J hook. Fleece is cut into 10" squares.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 down......... lots more to go!

I finished this baby blanket for a family friend. They had a baby boy the day before I finished, so it worked out perfectly. This is my first none pattern project. I just started crocheting and this is how it turned out, I must say that I am pretty happy with the results!

This wonderfully colorful blanket is for my "nephew" (my best friends son). He was admiring an afghan I was making one day and asked if he could have it when I finished it. I told him he couldn't have that one, but that I would make him one, and asked him what colors. He said he wanted something colorful............ so that's what I gave him :-)
I watched a freeform crochet class on "Uncommon Threads" yesterday Prudence Mapstone was the guest. I am now inspired to try my first freeform purse, I plan on getting the stuff for it today!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catching up

I've been busy trying to get gifts completed for Christmas and working on swaps. I wanted to thank my C'ville Secret Pal for the lovely packages that she sent. She really did her research.

The little Webkinz black cat in the front has been adopted by DD.

I absolutely love the Tea Spot cup and loose leaf tea she sent me. I loved EVERYTHING she sent! Thanks Paula/OzRebel!!!!

This is the 12" square I made for my swap partner on Yahoo! Swappin_Squares. It's RHWW shaded purples. I used a Sunburst Square Pattern from Heartmade Blessings.

And this is one of my WIPs. It's for my best friends little boy for Christmas. I am using a pattern from Bella Dia - Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket Pattern. It's turning out great, and it's super easy to work.