Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey

This won't be served for dinner though! Here is a potholder I made for one of my swap partner's.


AwtemNymf said...

Hi Candy-
I'm blog happy at the moment and got your email about the Swap Bot: "I love your blog swap". I"m enjoying reading all about your projects you've done. I HEART the Halloween stuff. The candy corn and spider web is my favorite! Halloween is everyday for me :O)
And I really like the beautiful shawl and beanie cap you made that your daughter is modeling.
I have a knitting loom kit (square)- I just haven't given it a try yet! *blush* I'm more of a visual leaner and need someone to show me (like I am a 4 year old) the first part step by step and then rest I can get. I have so many scarves and beanies I want to make! But I've got other stuff that I craft exclusively and swap. *lol* Need MORE time!
I enjoyed visiting your blog! Stop by and say HI!
Happy Swapping & Creating!

Crochet Goddess said...

I love the Turkey. It is so cute

Heather In Progress said...

I'm another one from Swap-Bot, hi! Super cute turkey! I wouldn't use him as a potholder, I'd hang him on the wall or something! Love the little amigurumi things too! Thanks for your blog links, now I'm off to check your other one.

Mama said...

I absolutly love this turkey! If only I had the skills you have. I've really enjoyed looking through your blogs. Your photography is wonderful. Thank you for joining this swap and allowing me to look at your stuff.


Claudia said...

I really liked your blog! I am also another participant of the swap-bot blog swap (try repeating that 10 times).

I love your crochet!! Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

This Is So Fab!!! Great Job<3333

Amanda Wheeler said...

Cute turkey! I can barely crochet a straight line! :)

tammiemarie said...

Hi there, thanks for the link! This turkey is so adorable! Now I have to learn to crochet.

Little Rascal said...

So sweet! :D
The turkey really put a smile on my face, he's adorable!

Thanks for your nice comment on my revamped stuff in my blog.

Ohh, you live in Arizona! I want to go there for my honeymoon to that kitschy trailer park, The Shady Dell.