Friday, April 25, 2008

Secret Pals at the 'Ville

My Spring Secret Pal Kim aka happybunny was wonderful! She sent me all of these amazing things in these two pictures below. The shawl was stunning and made of Moonlight Mohair...AMAZING!!! The pattern books were fabulous!!! She even sent gifts for my daughter! She sent a pile of beautiful KnitPicks, that I think I am going to make myself a shawl out of. She also sent me two Gourmet Crochet pattern books for Amigurumi, which I used to make the Amis shown below, which my family quickly acquired LOL. I made the blue shawl for the Secret Pal that I was sending to JenC using the Easy Breezy Wraps book that Kim sent me! It's a great book! Kim was an amazing Secret Pal, and I was luck to have her! Thanks again Kim!!

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~Phoenix~ said...

lovely lovely shawl! mad swap-botter here, I am a terrible crochet-er but love your stuff! My artisan friend at Enchanted Musing ( link on my blog) is a great crochet artist too!