Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crochet Games of Ancient Greece at Crochetville

Crochet Games of Ancient Greece are coming up at Crochetville. Click on the button in my sidebar for more info.

I am participating............. just to decide what to make.

Gourmet Crochet Lisette? Drops Circle Jacket? There are a couple of Caron Tunics/sweaters I won't mind trying. HHHmmmmmmm Time to put the thinking cap on.

Today is Momma's birthday, so we will be heading over to celebrate here in a bit, that is if DD ever gets out of the shower. Sheesh..... she's not even a teenager yet and it's 30 minutes in the shower or more. That's can't be a good sign... maybe I should go flush the toilet or something.

Well, I'm off to fold laundry and contemplate what to make for the Games at the 'Ville.

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